Stay Home & Keep Dreaming

...of places you want to go next

We are all in lockdown by now, and I am writing this article from Brazil, with mostly empty streets outside – it is the beginning of autumn in the southern hemisphere and with all the isolation and time – finally time – we have, there is one thing that we can all do in abundance: to dream.

The human spirit is something very beautiful, a sort of tool to achieve great positive changes in the world and now that the planet is asking us to reassess many of the ways we were going on about life, it is the perfect time to do so.

Stop and breath – close your eyes and imagine those amazing places on earth where you would like to go next. Our brain does not know the difference, so dreaming is a kind of meditation, a preview of what is to come.

As the travel sector will be one of the hardest to be hit by the pandemic, we have selected some places on earth to dream of. Destinations that perhaps teaches us about the resilience of the human spirit, and that connects us to nature. Travelling is what makes us grow, learning and understanding other cultures – yet the way we travel will have to be changed profoundly. I guess, responsibility will be the word of the day for many days to come and that is a good thing.

For lack of better alternatives, some people choose to dream ready-made dreams created by others, taking them into worlds filled with monsters and aliens, far away from their confined realities. Many spend their newfound spare time playing all the video games they didn’t have the time or energy to try in the last few years. The video game industry is feeling the full effect of the pandemic: it’s thriving like never before.

Portugal, for instance, has released a beautiful campaign #CantSkipHope, in a stunning call to pause, to travel within and to dream of the places and those moments of magical travel in a positive future to come.

We can still keep dreaming and imagining how a world with more kindness, honesty and care will be. It will be magical, and we can use tourism as a strong tool for positive recovery and transformation.

Here is a list of wonderful destinations to dream of whilst in social isolation – all with highly sustainable and social ethos. Keep dreaming, and for the time being keep safe.



I know it is the epicentre, but in the near future it will need our help. We love the Sicilian landscape and no better place than N-orma, an eco-farm full of character. Discover also the story of reinvention and resilience of Italy at Sextantio, in Matera.

sextantio matera new luxury

norma hotel sicily trendland

São Tomé and Princípe Islands

The remarkable archelogy is a world away from it all – quietness, African & Portuguese heritages and organic produce. Roça Sundy Hotel is a gem of a place where cultural immersion comes with social and care. Watch whales and turtles swim by at Bom Bom Island Resort – a highly sustainable operation.

roca sundy hotel princee island africa

bombom island africa rincie


Brazil has a trove of sustainable hotels from the beautiful coast of Rio de Janeiro to the depths of the Amazon forest. Nature and smiles in abundance. We love Casa Turquesa, in Paraty; Kenoa Resort, in Alagoas; and UXUA Hotel & Spa in formidable Bahia.

kenoa exclusive beach spa resort feat

casa turquesa_suit windows_paraty_trendland


Ancient heritage connects with deep social and environmental credibility at the stunning Adrère Amellal, in the oasis of Siwa. Unmissable.


adrere amellal hotel egypt trendland landscape e

adrere amellal hotel egypt trendland pool e


Azul Nomeolvides is a hidden gem located in Bacalar, at the south of Mexico. Where every design decision was taken in order to create a sustainable place to protect the environment, and above all the “Lagoon of six colors”. We also love Hotel Esencia, a quiet retreat in Tulum.

hotel esencia tulum mexico

azul nomeolvides sustainable way of traveling trendland


The land of the greatest adventures of the past and the hosts of the future. We love the Portuguese for their power of reinvention & culture – modern, romantic, and at ease. One of the newest and most charming boutique stays is Quinta dos Vidais, a project born from the love for the land and the desire for a better future, this family business will command your attention. We also love Casas na Areia.


barefoot chic at casas na areia portugal e


“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”
Gustave Flaubert

Sri Lanka

An enchanting destination that has seen many challenges and has shown its power to bounce back. Nature, well preserved national parks and a population that is pure joy. Blue hued seas abound, there are also amazing Ayurvedic retreats to connect to the best of one’s inner paradise. We love Plantation Villa, in the off the beaten track village of Kalutara, an Ayurveda, yoga retreat and organic farm and Sen Wellness Sanctuary , in Tangalle.

BreathofLife_SriLanka_hospitality scaled e

sen wellness sanctuary srilanka