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The Immigration-themed Exhibit of Ai Weiwei [New York]

As part of his new multi-site exhibition and with the support of Public Art Fund, artist Ai Weiwei just installed over 300 artworks for this multi-site, multi-media exhibition for public spaces, monuments, buildings, transportation sites,…


Cristian Girotto Creates Stunning ‘Human Sushi’

The French Photoshop master Cristian Girotto along with digital art director Olivier Masson, just introduced a striking series titled ‘Raw’ featuring human sushi practicing yoga.


Robert Götzfried Photographed German Bowling Alleys

Over the last few years German photographer Robert Götzfried has focused on photographing the kitch design of vintage bowling alleys across Southern Germany, most of which exist from the ’60s, ’70s, and…


Chez Georges Rental Villa [Rio]

Chez Georges is a gorgeous luxury villa in the hills of Rio de Janeiro’s Santa Teresa neighbourhood.


Hanging Paintings By Tadao Cern

The Lithuanian artist, Tadao Cern, creates a series of delicate, experimental hanging paintings inspired by fabric combinations.