Bahia is one of those destinations in the world that makes the traveler feel alive. Because this stunning state in Brazil is the best translation of what the country really is ­­– multicultural and welcoming. Read
I’ve been asking myself: how do I want to rediscover the world? “With purpose”­­ – was the answer. I think this is the word that will be the north for many people and business in the years to come. And so, I come across a project in Uruguay that is a great example of what it means to do things differently. Read
The road to the hills of Toiano is long and winding, but the beams of pink & crisp orange villas on top are leading your way. There are many bumps, and you can be sure to lose your signal. But I guess that’s exactly the reason why you’d visit Villa Lena. Read
Halfway to Milos, about two hours away sailing from Athens, there is an island of Serifos – 1441 inhabitants, a hilly land surrounded by the shimmering Aegean Sea. Quiet & picturesque, the allure of this beautiful spot is immediately felt upon arrival in the port. Read