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The New Musée Yves Saint Laurent [Marrakech]

There’s a new must-do in our favorite Moroccan city, Marrakech : the Musée Yves Saint Laurent, which opens this week, moments after its big sister museum arrived in Paris.


The Fleming Hotel [Hong Kong]

Style-conscious travellers should note down this address, as the Fleming renovation came out pretty cool! Located in the legendary nightlife district of Wan Chai, the boutique hotel originally opened in 2006 and now has totally been restyled.


Discovering The Wonders Of Amsterdam At Pulitzer Hotel

Elegance, modernity and eclecticism. To speak about Pulitzer just in terms of its design would be an understatement. This unique hotel located by Amsterdam’s Prinsengracht canal is an architectural illustration of city’s…


Hippie Le Super Qualite Snack Bar [Montreal]

Le Super Qualite bar in Montreal sends you on a trip to India. This small bar has incorporated many of traditional Indian elements such as textured, blue wood, hand painted signs and…


Ascetic Cave House [Santorini]

Located in the village of Oia on the island of Santorini, this ascetic cave house was designed by Kapsimalis Architects.