We are all in lockdown by now, and I am writing this article from Brazil, with mostly empty streets outside – it is the beginning of autumn in the southern hemisphere and with all the isolation and time – finally... Read
When you walk outside off Oslo Sentralstasjon, the first thing you will notice shall be the outline of the Oslo Opera. For me, however, this was a pink and navy flag adorning an entrance to an old, monumental building. Back in 1919 it was the headquarters of the Norwegian American Line – the line of cruise ships that took Scandinavian dreamers through the Atlantic Sea to the promised land of America, the land of the free, the Statue of Liberty, […]... Read
The Audo is the last concept space imagined by Danish brand Menu. Together with Norm Architects and Nathan Williams from Kinfolk, they created a space that include Menu head office, a hotel, a concept-store and a cafe/co-working space. A unique experience for the brand to highlight the pieces of its catalog, in different atmospheres.... Read
The Paramount House Hotel is at the epicenter of cool in Sydney. The epitome of careful but laid-back design and cool neighborhood vibes, this hotel is without a doubt the only place to consider staying while in the stunning Australian... Read
Three miles away from the nearest lodge and 39 feet in the air is the new andBeyond Ngala Treehouse. The completely private, four-level Treehouse accommodation – surrounded by nothing but the South African bush – the hotel just opened, (February... Read