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Robert Götzfried Photographed German Bowling Alleys

Over the last few years German photographer Robert Götzfried has focused on photographing the kitch design of vintage bowling alleys across Southern Germany, most of which exist from the ’60s, ’70s, and…


Pacal Goet Highlights Masks Hidden in Bug Shells

Using macro photography, French photographer Pascal Goet highlighted humanesque features found in bug shells. By subtly manipulating and highlighting various details in the shells of beetles and other insects, Goet can help…


Faux Foraging by James Tolich

It seems that foraging is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, alongside an exotic pine mushroom.


MeError Project by Leonardo Magrelli

The MeError project by Leonardo Magrelli collects a series of short circuits, of visual errors. Apparently they are simple photos taken in front of a mirror: we should see ourselves reflected in…