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Cristian Girotto Creates Stunning ‘Human Sushi’

The French Photoshop master Cristian Girotto along with digital art director Olivier Masson, just introduced a striking series titled ‘Raw’ featuring human sushi practicing yoga.


Surrealistic Post-Soviet Resort : Yalta Foyer

Artist, product designer and founder of design studio Supaform, Maxim Scherbakov present to Trendland his latest illustration project “Yalta Foyer”.


Pawel Nolbert Tweaks Reality

For this Constructed series, Polish graphic artist Pawel Nolbert create his own reality with those gorgeous colorful collages! while being traveling.


Rocks And Light By Anders Brasch-Willumsen

‘Rocks and Light’ is a 3D project by Anders Brasch-Willumsen inspired from his fascination with the Japanese art movement Mono-ha, combined with an interest in the Light and Space as well as Minimalism…


The Digital “Installations” of Kyra Schmidt

American photographer Kyra Schmidt is endlessly captivated by the enduring capacity of photography to give form to new experiences and her project Transcriptions is an exploration of this.


Interesting View on Picasso’s Paintings in 3D

Skilled in graphic design and 3D, Pakistan-based digital artist Omar Aqil has randomly chosen a selection of paintings from Pablo Picasso, one of the pioneers of cubism and emblematic of surrealism art.