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Gustav Willeit Halters the ‘Perspe’-ctive

Photographer Gustav Willeit is very talented manipulating landscapes, creating an unnatural vision. In his ‘Perspe’ series originated from perspective, he


The Goetheanum Through the Eyes of Nicolas Coulomb

Published in November Magazine, this series of photographs was taken by Nicolas Coulomb for Goetheanum. The world center for the anthroposophical movement, located in Switzerland, commissioned the French photographer to capture the sculptural-organic and outstanding…


Philip Karlberg New Food Still Life Series

We’ve been covering the lovely work of Philip Karlberg for a few years now. Over the last few weeks he has been working on some new images for his new food portfolio.


Trendy ‘NOMAD’ by Elena Iv-skaya

A little bit of NOMAD inspiration with this gorgeous editorial shot by ex-model turned photographer, Elena Iv-skaya who also did an amazing job at styling the stunning model Lisa Pereira.


Alone Together by Aristotle Roufanis

Alone Together is an ongoing photographic project by Aristotle Roufanis, for which the London-based photographer takes photos of large metropoles in a way that only tiny, individual apartment lights are visible.


Charlie Schuck’s Modern Still Lifes

The design still lifes by Charlie Schuck speak minimalism and modernity. Schuck is a photographer and an art director. Occasionally, he also works as an art curator and it shows in the…