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Gustav Willeit Halters the ‘Perspe’-ctive

Photographer Gustav Willeit is very talented manipulating landscapes, creating an unnatural vision. In his ‘Perspe’ series originated from perspective, he


The Digital “Installations” of Kyra Schmidt

American photographer Kyra Schmidt is endlessly captivated by the enduring capacity of photography to give form to new experiences and her project Transcriptions is an exploration of this.


Mr. Velveteen by Alyson Holder

Barbados photographer Alyson Holder submitted us her latest series, Mr. Velveteen. Based on the story of the Velveteen Rabbit, she shot this project using friends as subject and was attracted to the…


The Essence Of Cities As Seen By Florian W. Mueller

‘Singularity’ is an art series by a German photographer Florian W. Mueller exploring the nature of cities as expressed with their architecture. The images show top floors of skyscrapers on


A ‘Visual’ Trip to the Dentist

Looking closely at this routine occurrence, photographer Charlotte May and set designer Nathan Taylor have worked to form an alternative visual world;


Eye Candy Photo Production by Violet Tinder Studio

Playful photo arrangements by Violet Tinder Studio are ode to colours and playful. Let it be a bunch of beauty products or some of our daily meals, studio’s aesthetic is very cohesive.