The “Strange Leaves” of Al Mefer

In his latest series “Strange Leaves”, Spanish visual artist and photographer Al Mefer, brings us into a post-disaster, alien-like universe. Shot in Alicante, Spain, where he turns ordinary leaves landscapes into enticing subjects using Photoshop and Lightroom. The clever use of light and shade convey a sense of tension creating more than a static photo, but an image that feels like the bizarre is the only beauty left to be experienced.

«This series follows my previous ones: “Alien Architecture”, “The Human-Alien Barrier” and “Deserts of the Future”, in developing a kind of pseudo-documentary in which humans have left the Earth because of the current environmental and social issues we’re facing, he explains. In “Stange Leaves”, this post-disaster biodiversity is displayed, musing over phenomena such as nuclear disasters and the future of nature. In this landscape, the unusual aspect of mutated plants is commonplace in a world where the bizarre is the only beauty left to be experienced.»