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Windy Chien’s The Year of Knots

Using only rope and her imagination, San Francisco artist and product designer Windy Chien creates unique works of art and home accessories. Last year she devoted herself to learning a new knot every day…


Anne ten Donkelaar Does “Underwater Ballet”

A damaged butterfly, a broken twig, a bumblebee, some strangely grown weeds: Dutch artist Anne ten Donkelaar find all these unique discoveries in her path and then take them home to her…


Miniature Rainbow Interiors by Anna Carey

Australian artist Anna Carey work overlaps photography, model-making, film and drawing. Through memory and imagination, she creates fictive architectural spaces based on familiar iconic architecture which she photographs.


“Inappropration” by Sam Tufnell [New York]

Sam Tufnell’s much anticipated first major NY solo is now on. Tufnell, an SVA graduate, exploded on to the art scene a few years ago with his unique style of visually appealing…


Studio Bertjan Pot Gorgeous Masks

Bertjan Pot is a designer, notably known for having made the Random Light in 1999. His research is based on light as a starting point.