Freedom in isolation by Casper Faassen
While the whole world has been in isolation during this global pandemic, we all got to share a universal feeling of constrain. Especially now the regulations are getting a bit more relaxed in most countries it is good to keep reminding us of these trying times. Read
art director florian stumpe a
Florian Stumpe is a multidisciplinary art director and graphic designer based in Berlin, working with clients like Adidas, Mercedes, Visa and Google. He creates stunning visual concepts and transforms them into various medium such as films, animations, physical spaces and objects. Read
letter lotus and legend by superdesigners
The Moscow-based creative design studio Superdesigners just released their latest passion project, a four-month odyssey into the creative process that weaves “the martial grace of the samurai with the textures and fabrics of a hi-tech clothing brand.Read