letter lotus and legend by superdesigners
The Moscow-based creative design studio Superdesigners just released their latest passion project, a four-month odyssey into the creative process that weaves “the martial grace of the samurai with the textures and fabrics of a hi-tech clothing brand.Read
club quarantane first virtual club scaled
On the one hand, you could consider the emergence of virtual raving as more convenient than actually going out to a party. No Uber fare, no anxiety as to whether the bouncer will let you or not, no overly-priced drinks, no bathroom line... Read
alix petit heimstone creatrice
This summer we spent a week with Alix Petit,  founder of  women fashion brand 'Heimstone' and her latest project, 'Empower Women Through Creativity’ in the French alps by the border is Switzerland, in her favorite summer getaway. Read