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French illustrator Yoaz has some pretty amazing and trendy illustrations in his portfolio. Made of thousands of vectors, his works are very complex and requires a lot (really a lot) of time and dedication!... Read
Dmitri Aske is a versatile artist from Moscow, Russia. He started his artistic career in 2000 as a graffiti writer and later moved on to graphic design, typography, illustration, mural and contemporary art.... Read
Tan’s work could be described as; that moment when you just fall into a deep sleep and enter the world of dreams or the afterlife which people call heaven. Feeling light and relieved or in other words an infinite world of calmness and serenity. The artist herself describes it as follows “My feet may be stuck on earth, But... Read
Music for Plants Disappearing, a two person exhibition featuring the work of Brooklyn-based artist Heidi Norton and Providence-based artist Tony Balko.... Read
When I came across her work I was captivated by her colourful mixed media artworks made out of embroidery, sequins, fibres and acrylics. It made me curious about the narrative of her work as she often devotes her art to political topics. This doesn’t always seem that obvious, looking at the art pieces that have a joyous atmosphere. That... Read
When Science meets Art! Swiss artist Fabian Oefner (already known for all his “Disintegrating” series), went to the Lamborghini headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese to create one of his great piece of art using a... Read