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Bulgarian graphic designer, photographer and retoucher, Mariyan Atanasov great urban exploration project named ‘Urban Tetris‘ consist of transforming Sofia’s architecture in abstract shapes of Tetris.... Read
Not the most recent project (2014), although Trendland never really bothered about time sensitive news. American designer and artist, Taylor Kinser had the genius idea to bottled and sell emotions as an art piece, and if you are running low on love or need a little of excitement, why not getting one Bottled Emotions!?... Read
We recently discovered the fun series of graphic designer Behzad Nohoseini. The first one, “I’m not a robot” is a modification of the famous square captcha, making a strong stance on the sad but very real global warming —... Read
Updated from 2010 with her latest work Young graduated Korean artist Sung Yeon Ju made these awesome dresses out of real fruits and vegetables as part of her series Wearable Foodsit is her first long term project she started two years ago and it still continues to this day.... Read
Apparatu is a Spanish design and ceramic studio – an experimental playground pushing the boundaries within ceramic. This combination enables them to conceive new ideas and innovative projects. Many of their projects and products are not immediately associated with ceramic.... Read
Self-taught through the graffiti scene first and then pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts at California College of the Arts, the San Jose (CA) artist Samuel Rodriguez has done some amazing illustrations since.... Read
Gavin Worth is a sculptor and artist based in Egypt. As well as painting, he makes these amazing sculptures out of wire. Each sculpture is subtly complex, built out of grouped wire, with the wire only forming a clear image once it’s viewed from the right angle.... Read
The artist Stefan Gunnesh describes his work as reinventing continuously, nothing lasts for an eternity which makes us conscious about being in the moment. He tells us that the collage technique presupposes that, at first something in its entirety has to be fragmented and thus destroyed before something new can emerge from it. I sat down with Stefan to... Read