Sculptural feelings with Fanny Ollas
Fanny Ollas’ sculptures have an earnest, anthropomorphic quality. Her vases have imperfect, irregular surfaces and like human emotions, they express feeling and character, rather than logic and precision.... Read
Dave Pollot’s Blends Art Masterpiece with Pop Culture
Artist Dave Pollot ongoing project started in 2012 as a joke between him and his wife. He challenged himself to take a piece of unwanted artwork, and without changing its style, make it into something that people wanted to own. This started his “obsession” with painting, and he's been altering art works ever since. Read
After months of Covid-enforced closure the Tate’s galleries have reopened their doors to welcome back visitors. The Andy Warhol exhibition at Tate Modern ran for less than a week before the gallery’s closure, but... Read
Freedom in isolation by Casper Faassen
While the whole world has been in isolation during this global pandemic, we all got to share a universal feeling of constrain. Especially now the regulations are getting a bit more relaxed in most countries it is good to keep reminding us of these trying times. Read