Music To Your Eyes Installation
The New York based artist duo  Wade Jeffree & Leta Sobierajski  set up « Music To Your Eyes », an exhibition with explosive colors in the Calm and Punk gallery in Tokyo. Read
The story began with two architects wandering through the city of Mexico to find the perfect working space to share. Eventually it transformed into a multi-disciplinary creative studio with a workshop at the center of the historical neighborhood of Mexico City... Read
josh sperling
If you are trying to figure out if this is a sculpture or a painting, that's totally normal! These sculptural paintings are both. In fact, depending on the angles of the viewer, it can either seems like a flat painting or a sculpture through dawning subtle reliefs. Read
I found Stefania Tejada's work thanks to her incredible collaboration with PORTA + CANDA, a Mexican brand that seeks to simplify the way luxury bags are used by creating timeless designs and structured silhouettes. Read
Fictive Erosion by Kajsa Melchior
The Stockholm based designer and sculptor Kasja Melchior creates her work from a design critical approach, where she investigates the borderlands between furniture and sculpture, facts, and fiction. Read