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French porcelain artist Juliette Clovis works on 3 main topics: the links between human and nature; the duality between life and death and the dialogue between tradition and modernity. Women has always been a central point in her work.... Read
Patricia Trieb is a Brooklyn-based artist and painter reflection on the world of objects. In fact, they are the major inspiration lurking behind her abstract artworks which investigate the relations between them – their place in space and time.... Read
Through her work Japanese illustrator, Makoto Funatsu gives you a look at how she views the world. Colorful and with a soft touch of a brush, the oil paintings seem to portray the world as serene as you would like life often to be.... Read
Line Art is a series of digital sketches by a Vierhouten-based studio WeThinkRight. Claiming to combine logic and objectivity with imagination, these fine illustrations of animals and flowers serve as an ultimate proof.... Read