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Singapore based visual artist Yingxuan Teo recently release her ‘Mass Production of Happiness’ series. To fight against all the chemicals and unknown ingredients found in soaps and shampoos, the artist envisioned a future with no more plastic soap bottles and homemade soap,... Read
Street artist Spidertag works since 2008 with different medium than spray paint to construct murals. The result in clean geometrical grey lines during the day lights up at twilight for the pleasure of the eyes.... Read
French digital artist Dorian Legret has done some incredible and colorful artworks. Based in Orléans, France, his creations have strong personality and stand out immediately for the bright colors mixed with psychedelic feels.... Read
Mixed media artist Miss Bugs is set to unveil her new installation, entitled “Do No Harm” at jealous gallery in London. The installation consists of 900 vibrant colored resin ‘popsicles’, that is containing a range of pharmaceuticals, critique contemporary society’s obsession and consumption of social media.... Read
In the splendid setting of the former Church of Santa Maria della Manna d’Oro in Spoleto, overlooking the central Piazza del Duomo, the Neural Mirror installation brings technology and innovation to the art field. Curated by the interactive design studio Ultravioletto, this pioneering project in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, is promoted by the Carla Fendi Foundation... Read
Californian Street artist Joshua Vides plays with the 3D reality and transforms it into 2D black and white canvas. Transforming the world into a giant notebook where white pages and black pen meet white walls and black paint.... Read