I found Stefania Tejada's work thanks to her incredible collaboration with PORTA + CANDA, a Mexican brand that seeks to simplify the way luxury bags are used by creating timeless designs and structured silhouettes. Read
gold leaf prints of the human brain by greg dunn
"Self Reflected" by American artist/neuroscientist Greg Dunn and Dr Brian Edwards is a stunning series of gold leaf prints of the human brain. Bringing new perspective to the mind, the work bridges the connection between the... Read
the art of quarantine by john mcneil studio
While the pandemic that is causing a lot of concern around the world, it is also revealing new forms of creativity and new artistic momentum. In connection with the current context, artists from all over the world offer their vision of the current world, send important messages and sometimes get involved in united causes.... There is no one left in Hopper’s restaurant in “Nighthawks”, Jesus and his disciples left the table of “The Last Supper”, the farmer and his wife are locked up in their house in “American Wood”. Read
Mary Lennox for Hermes
Stuck inside and looking for serene visuals to soothe stress and boredom or to reignite your creativity? We’ve selected 5 botanical artists producing seriously beautiful floral art. Find calmness and creativity with these digital garden alternatives. Read
roos holleman
When she was a little girl the Dutch artist Roos Holleman always wanted to become a paleontologist. For Holleman, there is an attractive beauty in death. She explains, "Death has a degree of "touchability." You can often only observe animals and birds with... Read