Last week, an artwork created using Artificial Intelligence has been sold for the whopping amount of $432,500 — nearly 45 times its original estimate — as Christie’s becomes the first auction house to offer a work of art generated by an algorithm.... Read
It is very rare to see such gorgeous booth installation during art fairs. And when it comes to event design, the studio Alexandre de Betak is probably one of the best to work with. During the latest French Art Fair FIAC, International Galerie Gmurzynska worked with De Betak on this... Read
Los Angeles based architect and designer Matt Gagnon has been working for years on his gorgeous “light Stacks” sculptures. Inspired by evening strolls through cities,... Read
A Mexico-based artist, Ana Montiel, creates painting that aim to map the unconscious. Her art is a study of different gradients, reminiscent of Light and Space art genre born in 60s California, examining various light phenomena and how they could affect viewers’ perception.... Read
Tishk Barzanji is a visual artist based in London, United Kingdom. The work of Tishk Barzanji touches on the modernism movement, and surrealism. Inspired by his childhood in Kurdistan, and later moving to London in 1997.... Read