We recently covered the latest work of hyper-realistic Australian artist Cj Hendry and over the weekend, we stumbled into another very talented realistic artist, Bella McGoldrick.... Read
Patricia Trieb is a Brooklyn-based artist and painter reflection on the world of objects. In fact, they are the major inspiration lurking behind her abstract artworks which investigate the relations between them – their place in space and time.... Read
British artist and illustrator, Richard Wilkinson has been working for a while on his “Arthropoda Iconicus” series. An illustration project to turn famous characters, ships, and creatures from Star Wars into a stunning collection of insects.... Read
Line Art is a series of digital sketches by a Vierhouten-based studio WeThinkRight. Claiming to combine logic and objectivity with imagination, these fine illustrations of animals and flowers serve as an ultimate proof.... Read
I’m always content when I discover another talented French artist (amongst a lot already). Here, we’d like to focus on still-life and Fashion photographer, Martin Vallin and especially his high-end mixed media collages that he (and his team) created for luxurious brand ad campaigns such as Cartier, Delvaux or Vilhelm Parfumerie…... Read
French illustrator Yoaz has some pretty amazing and trendy illustrations in his portfolio. Made of thousands of vectors, his works are very complex and requires a lot (really a lot) of time and dedication!... Read