Surrealist Illustrations by George Greaves
By gradients and contrasted monochromes, Bristol based George Greaves displays a work as minimal as intrigued, where perspective is cropped, casting doubt on different dimensions, oscillating between motion and stylized angular shapes. Read
Jai Vasicek paintings
Byron-Bay-based artist Jai Vasicek imbues his work with femininity of a mystical quality. The abstract tribal women in his paintings have soul. The colors, fluid lines, and whimsical shapes that create them project a spirit so alluring you can’t help but feel compelled to ask “Who is she? What power does she possess?” Read
Jenny Brosinksi’s Abstract Minimalism
Berlin-based artist Jenny Brosinski describes her work as a ‘fleeting encounter’ with something incomplete, or a meeting of the ‘superficial with spontaneity’. Her art presents concepts deconstructed into fragments, gestures in oil, charcoal, ash and pencil united on canvas. ... Read
In Conversation With: Ana Popescu
Ana Popescu takes joy in the everyday. Her art transforms a table of oranges or a neighbor’s shrubs into a covetable sight, using bold colors and bright light to give objects a second life in two dimensions. The illustrations of this Vienna-based artist are a revitalizing tonic: the only blues here are cloudless skies and cool pools Read
Poppykalas : Queen of flower set design
Thilde Maria Kristensen is the face behind Poppykalas, a Danish Floral Design Studio. « Flowers are my way of telling a story, setting a scene, creating emotion, speaking a language beyond spoken or written words." Read