Another Art Basel fair comes to a close. Every first week of December, the international art world and art lovers descend upon Miami. It may have infiltrated your social media with highlights from Alexander Calder to the Haas Brothers. Here we’ve narrowed it down to these 10 notables.... Read
Moving away from the hyperrealism of the traditional 3D renders that has been a ‘classic’ in architectural firms during the last decades, young architect from Mexico Juan Benavides, is betting on a post-digital style of his own. We love it!... Read
We’re loving the fantastic work of Japanese artist and art director Yuni Yoshida – Few years back, she’s made a name for herself by art directing various campaigns for famous department stores like La Foret Harajuku and Parco.... Read
Copenhagen based sculptor Matthew Simmonds work is a play of architectural spaces on a small scale, like a crossroad between stonemasonry, conceptual art and particularly sacred architecture.... Read
Her colour palette choice is warm with earthy tones that make you feel comfortable, her work is like poetry in colours. Some artworks seem abstract, although we can relate to them as they still have a clear story to tell, but what exactly is Buckley’s story?... Read
“Common sense and conventional practice prohibit the evolution of architecture.” This is the first quote you find reading Tom Ngo’s Master’s thesis: The Dinner Address, A Venture into Architectural Absurdity.... Read