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Dario Maglionico Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings

Milan-based artist Dario Maglionico ‘Reification’ series mix realism and surrealism on his oil paintings, trying to destabilize the figurative language through the representation of elements that fragment the continuity of the visual…


Kei Imazu Mixed-Media Oil Paintings

Tokyo based artist Kei Imazu visualizes imaginary world by painting a scenery created after digitally reassembling images collected from the internet, magazines or her own living space.


Tobias Kroeger Binary Portraits

Inspired by the New York City subway graffitis of the 1990’s, he sprayed his first works of art in his hometown of Bremen, Germany, at the age of 12.


Ryan Hewett Enigmatic Painted Portraits

We just discovered the amazing work of South African artist Ryan Hewett. His recent body of work focused on the depiction of leading figures from the past and present that have, for…


Lina Iris Viktor Gold Self-Portrait Paintings

Gold inspires artist Lina Iris Viktor. “It is one of the softest, most malleable metals in existence, yet, in its purest form (24 karats) it is practically indestructible,” said artist the New…


Chevrier X Whatson ‘Junction’ at Nuart Gallery

One of the fastest rising stars on the contemporary pop art scene, Sandra Chevrier’s stellar rise to fame has been as surprising to her as it has obvious to more seasoned art…