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All Pink Brand Identity For Lui Store

It seems that the modern combination of pink, marble and gold can never get weary. The interior of Lui Store – a fashion concept store located in the heart of Warsaw is…


Cristian Girotto Creates Stunning ‘Human Sushi’

The French Photoshop master Cristian Girotto along with digital art director Olivier Masson, just introduced a striking series titled ‘Raw’ featuring human sushi practicing yoga.


Doctor Manzana Graphic Store By Masquespacio

Inside the graphic space of Doctor Manzana store in Valencia, one enters a colourful universe where composition and symmetry is key. There are no accidents here and each color is symbolic –…


5 Contemporary Australian Designers to Watch

In recent years, thanks partly to visually inclined social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, there is a new kid on the contemporary design block that everyone’s talking about.


Hippie Le Super Qualite Snack Bar [Montreal]

Le Super Qualite bar in Montreal sends you on a trip to India. This small bar has incorporated many of traditional Indian elements such as textured, blue wood, hand painted signs and…