Marita Madio

Marita Madio’s Digital Art Project: ‘QUÈTU’

Aren’t they look so realistic ?! Digital artist Marita Madio introduced us to her latest 3D series: QUÈTU about ‘fragments of life’ on Alicudi’s island, one of the wildest and authentic islands of the Mediterranean sea. Her research was born during the pandemic, a time during which our physical horizons were getting incredibly small forcing us to isolation, transforming our homes into shelters and prisons at the same time.Marita Madio

“I’ve then started to envision new domestic spaces, free from the crazy rhythms of the contemporary city, where I could explore a simple and authentic everyday life.”


QUÈTU is a Sicilian word and it means calm and quiet, something that is safe in its own time and space. Alicudi is part of the Sicilian islands of Eolie. Among the seven islands, Alicudi is known for being the wildest one, which has also preserved its volcanic nature. It is, in fact, mostly unchanged despite the passage of time, not affected by the tourist flow.


Marita Madio

“For the whole series I’ve used 3DS and photoshop mainly, but my series is more about the message than the tools I’ve used to make it.

Also, it took me more or less a week to make an image, and a few months to make the whole series as I really wanted to make sure that the images were the mirror of what I was feeling in that time of lockdown. They have been my window on the world, my perfect escape, and my breath of fresh blue air in a time when everything seemed to be grey and dark.”
Marita MadioMarita MadioMarita MadioMarita Madio