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Pawel Nolbert Intentional Series

Pawel Nolbert Intentional Series

Few month ago we covered the beautiful 'Constructed' series by Creative Director Pawel Nolbert, here's his latest series entitled 'Intentional' where Nolbert played with minimal form and composition, mixing digital...

Omaraqil's New Edge 3D Picasso

Omaraqil’s New Edge 3D Picasso

Inspired by Picasso, Pakistanis digital artist Omaraqil has rendered Picasso Paintings in 3D. It is always interesting to see how modern artists are reinterpreting his masterpieces! (more…)

Club Palace, Real or CGI?  [Video]

Club Palace, Real or CGI? [Video]

For this surreal new film for Nowness, Club Palace, Montreal-based creative agency Caravane collaborated with creative director Camille Boyer and cinematographer Nik Mirus to conjure a playful and perplexing landscape...

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