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Vintage Inspired Luggage with a Modern Twist

SteamLine Luggage is a collection of beautifully finished, vintage-inspired leather cases with a timeless elegance for modern-day travelers. Founded in 2005 by Sara Banks, SteamLine Luggage was created from a love for…


Ethereal Floating Leaves Project

Three Copenhagen design firms have teamed up for a project where nature get framed. Floating Leaves is a collaboration between MOEBE, Paper Collective and Norm Architects.


3 Books You Must Own

For our latest coffee table books series, we’d like to introduce you to our favorite books for this month of June.  ‘One Year on a Bike’ explores one man, one bike and one long ride around the world, ‘Porsche 911’ reveals the world of the most famous sports car of all time and ‘Small Homes, Grand Living’ illustrates how people can live comfortable in tiny homes.


Textile Brand St. Frank Opens Pop up in East Hamptons

Artisanal textile and luxury home décor company, St. Frank, just unveil their first east coast pop-up shop in East Hampton, New York. Offering ethical home luxury for the modern bohemian through a…


Gorgeous Prisms Soap from Paris

Founded by visual artist Mathilde Lehmann and product designer Valentine Sée in 2015, Seem Soap is a Parisian creative studio caring about condition of everyday objects, often forgot.


Charlotte Heal x Laboratory Perfumes

Laboratory Perfumes is announcing a beautiful new collaboration with Creative Director Charlotte Heal who has translated their perfumes into a photography series. You may remember Laboratory Perfumes’ previous scent projects with artist Zuza…