Sextantio le Grotte della Civita, Italy


For some, a quick trip to Miami for some R&R is enough to satisfy their travel craving. For others, nothing short of wandering Asia alone with little more than a backpack will do.  If neither of those sound like enough inspiration to getaway, you might consider planning an escape to Sextantio le Grotte dela Cevita, where caves serve as the backdrop for an enchanting Italian getaway. The trip is definitely not for the “road well traveled” type of vacationer. Located 5 hours from the Roma airport, Sextianto demands commitment from its visitors. But for those willing to make the trek, lies great reward.


The journey itself is quite the adventure. A leisurely drive through a mix of flat lands, and serene Calabrese hills is a foreshadowing of the romance that is to come. (Most definitely stop off in one of the simple towns along the way – like Napoli, Salerno, or Cetera for a divinely fresh seafood lunch.)


Upon reaching Matera, the first sights of town give off an air of seemingly communist era construction, but push on, and you will find the new city begins to blend seamlessly with the old as you catch sight of vistas unlike any other. Alleyways descending down into a canyon and back up the Sassi, or caves, leave you wondering if you’ve wandered too far, past the borders of Italy into a foreign land.


The old city of Matera is walkable with steps and pathways, some of which date back to 9000 BC. Though stunning, this proves handling luggage rather precarious.  The reception cave is warm, candle lit, outfitted with simple but perfect details.


Handmade, iron keys attached with divine lavender sachets are provided for the rooms.  The caves continue inwards to a shower nook, a bath cave and a lou nook; all lit with candles, without doors, and completely constructed into the rock. These caves come with a rich history, so one must explore to fully appreciate it.



For most meals, guests can venture into town on foot. The food in Matera is local and fresh so every restaurant is delicious. Breakfast at the hotel is set in a thirteenth century rock church with long, rustic wooden tables adorned with local spreads of cheese, fruits, yogurts, sweet and savory breads and fresh eggs to order.