A Sustainable Way of Traveling

Azul Nomeolvides is a hidden gem located in Bacalar, at the south of Mexico. Where every design decision was taken in order to create a sustainable place to protect the environment, and above all the “Lagoon of six colors”.

Open cabins lifted on piles, high ceilings of grass and open bathrooms, allow them to save electricity, water, and to keep the pace of wildlife.

They produce 100% of their electricity, treat their own wastewater and take care of their own waste by composting the organic waste and producing as little inorganic waste as possible. They use only biodegradable products and make sure that their guests do the same by providing all the products they could need.

They believe in a sustainable, socially and culturally responsible travel style. But they also want to create awareness and promote a sustainable way of life.

Written by guest contributor Vicky Gonzalez.