N’orma -Immersed in a Sicilian Rural Landscape [Italy]

With some of the most sought after cities in Europe with villages, castles, and unique landscapes, Italy is a great destination for the seasoned traveler.

Italy is one of those destinations that are forever magical, eternal, just like its capital Rome. I have been in love with Italy for a very long time and in love especially with the entrepreneurship and rethinking of travel experiences that are flourishing in this Mediterranean country.
Sicily, the mysterious island of desert scenery beach, volcanic eruptions and turquoise seas is a thrill to explore. Traveling has become a even more experiential affair – world nomads are not satisfied with only boutique stays and design ‘punch phrases’ – there is a need for real, local, engaging and conscious experiences more than ever, a positive kind of luxury that is the key element of a great trip.

On the hills of southeastern Sicily, in the Iblei Mountains, perched on near the village of Chiaramonte Gulfi, N’orma Agriturismo – an exquisite farmstead – showcases a clever and sensible approach to heritage and modernity. The architectural landscape is accented with local construction elements of stones, tuff, lime plaster and wattle in a nod to local ancient building techniques, yet architect Patrizia Sbalchiero has reinterpreted these elements in a contemporary way, elevating rural living to a very unique place.

There are only two rooms – 25 & 15, your lucky numbers – looking over the marvelous swimming pool and the olive trees. The rooms have independent access for total privacy, and a color palette of whites – in lovely linen sheets and cashmere blankets – mutes the tone inside creating no distraction from the landscape. The light design is exquisite, promoting an almost intuitive guide to the property’s inner and outer spaces.

Food and wine are served in the bespoke kitchen housed in the restored farm dewlling with menus changed daily in a wonderful display of Sicilian staples. N’orma is many thinks: a woman’s name, a constellation, an opera by Bellini and also a down to earth, connect to one’s poetic self rural chic dwelling – a place to rest, to be and feel what it is to be a true world traveler.

Stop, rest, leave a trace of your presence and take with you a trace of us