Barefoot Chic at Casas na Areia [Portugal]

Casas na Areia is one of those quintessentially serene places. Located 1 hour south from Lisbon, in a region known for its magnificent white sandy beaches, excellent wine and fresh seafood the hotel is magically integrated on the natural reserve of Sado river – flamingos galore and dolphins abound.

The minimal decor and natural architecture are elements of a very well-thought project – conceived by architect Manuel Aires Mateus. The idea is to blur the barriers between outer and inner spaces, bringing nature indoors  in a barefoot chic experience like no other – literally feeling the sand between your toes in exquisitely designed spaces.

The fisherman village where it is located – the village os Carrasqueira – is a unique Portuguese community that has developed creative solutions to their daily life and has in itself charm enough for any visitor to spend a few days here – life here is an endless flow of low and high tides beautiful and painterly display by the banks of the muddy river; breathtaking sunsets included.

The four separate houses display a sensitive approach to local building traditions – wood huts and reeds, white concrete and all with thatched roofs – a local material source on the banks of the Sado river. The roofs are renewed every 6 years.

The beach sand floor can be heated in winter. Living spaces counts with design elements such as Gervasoni Ghost sofas, integrated kitchens, wooden trunks and beautiful linen curtains – as flowy as the breeze of the Portuguese coast. Lose yourself in this magical Portuguese tale of romantic Fado songs, nature sounds and endless sunsets over the Atlantic.

“The lost paradigm of life: happiness is based on the intelligent use of simplicity”

Photography by Nelson Garrido.

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