The Unexpected Journey Of The 700’000 Heures Hotel [Location Unknown]

In a world that is ever so smaller, is there a new way of traveling, exploring and discovering a new destination? It appears that not all travel out there is cliché and ­– yes! –­ there is a new way of harvesting the great spirit of traveling to explore destinations upon a new light. We spend an average of 700,000 hours on Earth. This time is too precious to let it just pass by. This is why 700’000 heures was created, a travel experience, a hotel like no other – nothing less than to aim to create the most unforgettable memories.

The world is too rich to settle for trips that all look alike. There are so many different places to discover, so many thrills to experience, so many diverse cultures to explore…We are in charge of our hours, our encounters, our travels.

Thierry Teyssier, founder of 700’000 heures

At 700’000 heures Hotel, the first wondering hotel in the world, the team sets off on a journey of discovery, welcoming guests in a new country every six months to explore a new culture, a new landscape, a new dream brought to life.


Selecting unique, authentic private homes, as varied as they come, sometimes in a single location and sometimes organized around an itinerary, always just for the hotel’s guests and only available during the short visit in each destination, this new travel experience by magician hotelier Thierry Teyssier, the 15 years experienced nomad behind Maisons des Rêves ­–  aims to go beyond arriving at a new destination but to inspire clients to reconnect to the essentials elements of travelling: transformation, reflection of one’s own desires and the rediscovery of the wonderment of unique moments.

Playing with the repertoire of travel iconic props such as trunks, tents and remote inland journeys, the destinations curated by the team are very spectacular. From Japan to Angkor, from Salento in Italy to our favourite and most otherworldly destination of their portfolio: the remarkable Lençois, in Brazil – an endless expanse of crystal-white sand dunes and emerald-green natural lakes formed from the rain of the Amazon forest.

To the north of Brazil you can find one of the most beautiful places on earth : Lençois Maranhenses and its infinite dunes.