Mariko Wada: Anatomy of the Secret

Japanese Ceramic artist Mariko Wada‘s ‘Anatomy of the Secret’ (2013) is not recent, yet very on Trend! This pretty amazing series is looking like floating cloths over old furnitures very ghostly inspired! Her works have explored the role of ceramics in a reality that is largely mediated and virtual.

The special physical qualities of ceramics allow her works to heighten the appreciation of object and space respectively; two basic human anchor points that are greatly subjected to mediatory influences.

By using the organic plasticity and material immediacy of ceramics, she creates works that demand physical presence can by described as the artistic medium that is closest of all to the person.

Clay is worked directly with the hands in an intensive process that often lasts hours and days. The slow, intense working process gives ceramic objects a special immediacy. The result is not an image, but concrete, physical objects that anchor the person in a ‘here and now’ of bodiliness and sensation.