La Ferme de Georges – Brazilian Farmstead at its Most Glorious [Atins]

Neighboring the coastal dunes of northeastern Brazil, La Ferme de Georges beckons those who crave slowed down culinary indulgence, locally inspired design intertwined with modern luxury and stunning natural landscapes.

Northeast Brazil is getting a lot of attention these days due to its remarkable accommodation offer and pristine, well managed natural resources – this deeply cultural part of Brazil is not only rich in otherworldly landscapes but also abundant in local culture, mystical spirituality, indigenous heritage and a unique welcoming local population.

Its a region of Brazil that I love – my family roots are from here – as it has a very multicultural vibe to it – a mix of African, ingenious and European cultures that blend and flourish in a special way of living, an authentic spirit of Brazil.

That is why I think hoteliers Pierre Bident Moldeva and Olivier Verwilghen fell in love with Atins. Originally from Belgium the pair created La Ferme de Georges . The farmstead boasts a location that excites intrepid explorers and urban escapists alike. The property is right next to a sprawling 1,500-square-kilometer area of dunes that recently earned its status as a national park.

The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park harbors hundreds of turquoise lagoons, providing a visual spectacle that enchants even the most well seasoned traveler. The freshwater lagoons and dunes also act as an expansive playground for swimmers, sunbathers, and explorers, as well as being an ideal location for kite-surfers thanks to optimal wind levels and flat waters.

The beauty of nature also serves as an inspiration for the architecture of the property, created in balance with the wild and pristine environment that surrounds it, a cluster of structures fashioned from local wood, brick, and palha, or straw, which are typical of the Brazilian coast., blend seamlessly with the ever changing dune landscape – natural, organic and sustainable. Built on a hilly 2 acres, the 9 white-walled chalets were designed to harness cool breezes for natural ventilation (no air conditioner), and separated by swathes of greenery, dissolving the boundaries between inner and outer spaces.

The goodness of nature is at the heart of the La Ferme de Georges’ concept.