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The Exhuberant Casa Turquesa Hotel – Paraty [Brazil]

There are locations that are really special, there is just something about them – the feeling, the energy of the place that speaks for itself. Casa Turquesa maison d’hôtes in Paraty, Brazil, is one of those few places that exudes charm and authenticity in a very magical way.


Adrère Amellal [Egypt]

There are places that change you forever – that’s by far the greatest gift a journey can offer to the adventure traveler. Adrère Amellal, an eco-luxury hotel in the depths of the Egyptian desert is the place that changed me forever. Located in the otherworldly Siwa Oasis, at the foot of the White Mountain, in…

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Fazenda Catuçaba [Brazil]

In one of the most beautiful Brazilian countryside areas, Fazenda Catuçaba, is an old coffee farm that has been reinvented into an exclusive retreat set in 450 hectares of hills and forests – bordering a stunning mountain chain on the fringes of an UNESCO nature reserve – in the state of São Paulo.