TrendHome: Dutch Mountain by Denieuwegeneratie

In TrendHome today we are reviewing the work of Dutch design studio Denieuwegeneratie and their amazing work on the Dutch Mountain House. The underground house is embedded beneath a mound of earth at a Dutch nature reserve. While I’m loving the concept of the house itself, I’m even more in love with the furniture and details of the interiors, like the vintage Jaguar transformed into a bookshelf, the kitchen table feet made out of old public trash can, or the skate decks used as staircase steps and the Teapot chandelier. So much attention to detail making this villa truly unique!

The large glass facade allows the sun to warm the concrete shell. The thermal mass keeps this warmth and cools the house in the summer. The wooden cantilever regulates sun and is the only visible architecture in the landscape. The open structure of the house is filled in with a light set of rooms, giving it a flexibility to grow together with its owners.

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