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Trendhome : A Modern Mallorcan Paradise

Architect Alexander Von Waberer and interior designer couple Isabel Jover of Estudio Dai 10 ticked all the right boxes when designing their urban escape in Mallorca. Open and bright, with impressive views from every corner, and a minimal interior design are a just a few of the highlights of this seaside gem.


Trendhome: The Pink Palazzo Chupi

Any New Yorker who doesn’t know whose house this is has definitely at least stopped by it and stared. When artist and filmmaker Julian Schanbel imposed his magnificent building onto the West Village, it left its neighbors shocked.


Trendhome: Greek Island Summer Retreat

Today in Trendhome we shall whisk you away to the beautiful Greek island of Serifos, where architect George Zafiriou and designer Manolis Pandelikdakis combined forces to create this lovely Greek summer retreat.


TrendHome: Industrial Italian Loft

Today’s Trendhome: cool, minimalist, sleek, and Italian! Florence-based studio q-bic created this “pallets loft” by renovating the attic of a Nineteenth century industrial building in the heart of historic Florence.