Darkroom is an online shop and store based in London, selling hard to find and one of a kind accessories for men, women and the home.
While many shops and retailers use Instagram solely to sell their goods and promote their brand, Darkroom’s account is miles away from the ordinary retailer. From tribal textiles to brutalist architecture, Darkroom London’s curation very much reflects an eclectic personality that is not too self involved.

darkroom london
darkroom london
darkroom london
darkroom london
darkroom london
darkroom london
darkroom london

Darkroom is intended to be a stimulating antidote to the generic and bland.

darkroom london
Your feed is quite eclectic and covers a wide range of subjects. Who curates it?
Historically it’s mostly been me, but recently more staff are getting involved, which is great. We’ve always been keen to avoid our feed being too ‘hard sell’ and product-based as we have so many platforms to do that already. Instagram is a platform to explore and document our inspirations, travels, likes and funnies, which gives a much more rounded picture of what we do and reflects our personalities. Darkroom posts can be about anything from an incredible tribal costume, brutalist architecture, abstract artists to a silly photo of a cat.
What’s the inspiration behind Darkroom?
Darkroom is intended to be a stimulating antidote to the generic and bland. Our inspirations are drawn from many places — we’re drawn to graphic contrasts, the geometry found in tribal patterns, and the structural simplicity of modern and postmodern design and architecture. The visual bravery within African culture, art and textiles are a particularly important and constant source of inspiration.
Does Instagram affect your work at all?
I would say it mostly reflects our work than influence it, but it is useful to see positive reactions to posts about our products or influences as ‘thumb’s up’ for directions we’re exploring.
What’s your relationship with your followers like?
There’s definitely a bit of a community of like-minded people out there and we like to get stuck in with comments and feedback on people we follow, so actively encourage comments and conversations on our posts. It always takes me back just how big a reach Instagram has, just how global it is — it’s an incredible platform to communicate with the World.
What, according to you, what constitutes a great Instagram wall?
It’s nice to see a visual personality in a feed, or a strong concept that is strictly adhered to.
What are some of your favorite handles?
@SymmetryBreakfast — Not normally a fan of food shots, but these guys do it so beautifully.
@ArtNewsAfrica — This is a visual feast of a feed showing everything from mind-blowing tribal costume, to contemporary African art.
@IHaveThisThingWithFloors — I’m guilty of always shooting my feet on patterned floors I find, so when I found a feed dedicated solely to this, it was a joy.
@BeyondTheMag — There’s a lot of uber-cool design feeds out there, but this one really does it with panache and a sense of humour.
@IsamayaFfrench — A make-up artist who’s work really pushes the boundaries between avant garde art and fashion.
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