Biggest Vintage Collection of Bicycle Headbadges

Bike geek and avid collector of headbadges, Jeffrey Conner has one of the biggest collection of vintage headbadge, showcasing retro branding from famous brands such as Raleigh and Schwinn but also a lot more independent brands.


‘A Brush With Design’ Vintage Collection Of Shaving Accessories

Design studio Good Thing teamed up with an independent brand of shaving accessories Harry’s for a curated collection of retro brushes. The studio asked emerging international designers , such as MSDS from Toronto, Gabriel Tan from Singapore and E.O from Stockholm, to create their own reinterpretation of an old shaving brush.


Frances Berry Loves to Re-Work Vintage Photographs

Frances Berry is a photographer, painter, and collage artist from Memphis, Tennessee. By re-working vintage photographs via digital collage and other photoshop techniques, she gives life to interesting surrealistic works.


Stephanie Kloss Mid-century Inspired Photography

This vintage photography series entitled ‘ California Dreaming’ portrays a few of the most iconic Mid-Century Modern homes in California, taking you back in time for a road trip through West Coast’s most glamorous suburbs. Shot by German photographer Stephanie Kloss, the series depicts the Golden State during the 50’s and 60s, a period in…