Way Beyond Tropical Beaches – Botanique Hotel & Spa [Brazil]

Brazil is a fascinating country – a destination that has so much potential way beyond the postcard beautiful coast. A stay in the countryside is truly the hidden gem of the country – uncharted, wild, pristine, silent and gorgeously crafted by a new breed of independent hoteliers transforming old farmhouses, quaint wooden lodges and high-mountain stone dwellings into bespoke, designed hotels where any seasoned world nomad would be happy to rest their heads at.

From the humid rainforested locations to the below zero – yes temperatures drop that low in the tropics too – high altitude mountain stays, there is a place for any elegant, barefoot chic or not adventurer.

Nestled at the confluence of three river-rich valleys, between picturesque slopes and stunning mountains in the heart of the Serra da Mantiqueira, São Paulo, Botanique Hotel & Spa is 1,200 m altitude in the heart of the Mellos district on the border with São Bento do Sapucaí – known as the Mountain Triangle, a sort of mystical indigenous region.

The hotel was imagined for those seeking understated luxury and absolute silence, integrated with nature. A reference to the new design, culture and gastronomy of Brazil – a project that creates a modern concept of the mountain-lodge, enhancing local culture and hospitality, totally Brazilian.

An authentic architectural project, incorporating immense natural stones, high glass walls, chocolate-coloured slate from a unique natural stone deposit, mined only once every 17 months, and exposed steel – the hotel is nestled in a pristine biosphere of high altitude forests with its endemic fauna.

All this framed by huge beams of recovered 120-year-old wood, with the structure firmly rooted at the top of a mountain and surrounded by an organic vegetable garden that supplies all produce to the gastronomic delights served at the glass restaurant overlooking the valley.

The unique Water Spa offers an extensive array of water-based therapies such as a tropical rain humid sauna, or a floating chamber – all fed by tropical rainwater. Treatments draw from Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous culture and biodiversity – an exclusive, mystical and rich journey of exotic fruits, oils and amazon honey – with treatment rooms facing the extraordinary scenery.

There are 6 large suites and 11 individual villas delicately scattered around the lush mountains, each containing elaborate private gardens.

Botanique Hotel & Spa