Ellen DeGeneres’s Los Angeles Dream Villa

This beautiful Hollywood villa is the home of two Hollywood stars, whose warm and comfortable style surprises before charming. A desire for simplicity articulated around strong materials surrounded with art and nature.

Nothing too fancy here, as in most celebrity homes. Yet we are at Ellen DeGeneres, – comedian, American novelist and host of a TV talk show since 2003, – and her wife Portia de Rossi – Australian actress whose role as an ambitious lawyer in the Ally McBeal series still delights fans. When they bought it, this villa of the 1950s did not, apparently, look great. And a first restoration at the end of the 1980s did not help.

Interior designers Tommy Clements and her mother Kathleen, chosen by the celebrities for their stunning renovations, had to break everything and leave an empty shell. Their happy surprise was the white gray brick walls found behind walls was the starting point for their work…

Photography by William Abranowicz
Via AD Mag France