Flower Photography By Ja Soon Kim

The photography of Ja Soon Kim is beautifully arranged and structured. Focusing on wild flora and fruit, the artist gathers dried leaves and flowers on one surface to capture the composition from above. Kim, also a yoga teacher and an art director, seems to know everything about balance.


Waterplants By Lisa Sorgini

Australian photographer, Lisa Sorgini, creates an ephemeral and romantic series titled ‘Flotsam/Waterplants’ investigating flora underwater. Known for her perceptive work, Sorgini paints floral portraits with digital tools.


Studio Note’s Poetic Works

Japanese artist from Studio Note, Norihiko Terayama is fascinated by nature and all the multiple possibilities allowing to show off its beauty.


FurNature: Furnish Your Home With The Outdoors

FurNature, a project by Sovrappensiero Design Studio, seeks to regain the balance between local and global, indoors and out, functionality and aesthetic. The project includes minimalist design that beautifully merges nature and modern furniture.