Bag, Borrow, or Steal

Vintage Chanel Quilted Backpack

As much as we want ( some may say need) those shoes or purses, the reality is that for some of us we can’t always have every fashion accessory we may think we need. The clever people at Bag Borrow or Steal found a way to give people the opportunity to own/borrow these items!

YSL Black Faubourg Drawstring Tote

fendi2 bagborrowfendi
My Favorite: The Fendi B. Bag

The monthly membership can be as low as $5/year and you can pretty much borrow anything for as long as you want. You can also borrow items as a guest, but it’s definitely cheaper to register as a member. Each item is priced differently though. The red vintage Chanel purse shown above can be borrowed at $289/week or $850 a month. Or the Fendi purse ( which I personally love even more in blue patent leather) goes for $80/week or $235/month. Sometimes, if you develop a relationship with your item and just cannot give it up, you have the option of “stealing,” which really means you get to buy it for a negotiated price.