Iconic Shoe Postcards By Antonio Soares

“Iconic Shoes Postcards” is a new box of watercolour illustrations by Portuguese Antonio Soares. Featuring some of the most iconic designs, the cards show exquisite footwear in completely new contexts. A flower grows through a Saint Laurent Cage Boot and a crane is perched on a back heel of a Marc Jacobs. A collaboration between…


Coco – Inside CHANEL

Prepare to be taken aback by this tasteful, affecting video portrait of one of the first iconic examples of a truly “modern” woman — the one and only, Coco Chanel.


Chanel Les Beiges for AnOther Mag

You may or may not know that Chanel has been at work to develop a new chic, high tech powder, definitely a smart move considering presentation and innovation are always key selling points for the ever-evolving, multi-billion dollar beauty industry!