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From Tiny Islands Jewelry Is Inspired By Life

From Tiny Islands is an Indonesian jewelry brand inspired by subtlety and old tales. Brand’s creations reflect ‘lust for life’,  gathered into themed collections that in inspiration, from astrology to moon phases. In collaboration with The Taable agency, From Tiny Islands put its unassuming body adornments in new contexts.


Fernando Brizio’s Floating Jewelry Table

Fernando Brizio’s floating table is an innovative concept to exhibit and showcase jewelry and accessories designers. Displayed at the Sociedad Nacional de Belas Artes in Lisbon, the jewelry table surface is made of


Mysterious Timepieces: Pendulums

Focusing on the extremely rare haute horlogerie pieces called Pendulums, which were part of the Sotheby’s ‘Important Watches’ 2013 auction, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Apsrey and other luxurious watchmakers introduced their timepieces and “Mysterious” pendulums which were called this due to their invisible mechanism and their needles appearing to ‘float’ in space.


Feminist Pin Art By Coucou Suzette

Coucou Suzette is a Parisian brand using ‘Girl Power’ as a motto. After a trip to remote Japan, brand’s founder, Juliette, tried to find a way of expressing her love for graphic and quirky accessories.