Netvibes Social Widget – The New Internet


For those who don’t know it Netvibes is the new internet Generation !

Make it at your home page or just have it as bookmark and play… If you do not understand what a widget is, it’s basically a little program that is directly connected to internet and gives you specific informations. Netvibes is all the widgets you want, including your email accounts, all in one page. Once you have an account ( takes 3 sec.), you can access it everywhere in the world on any computer!!

Netvibes propose to access :

* Any of your email account directly ( hotmail, yahoo, gmail, pop email)

* You can have RSS feed ( trendland for example 😉 )

* Direct research on google, yahoo, ask..

* Direct images search ( google, flickr ) and video search ( youtube, mysapce ) !

* Of course your Myspace and Facebook

* And many more gadgets…

And you can customize it however you want, with your own background, colors….

With Netvibes you will see Internet in an other dimension…