Women’s Luxury Headphone by Molami

Molami is the brainchild of industrial designer Maria von Euler. The story of Molami is, like the brand itself, one that involves no compromises.
From the tailored silhouette of each model down to the braided textile-wrapped cords and discreet accents plated in gold and silver, here, we are showcasing the Pleat: a headphone that complements the bone structure of the face – framing your look…

During several years Maria incorporated the process of tailoring and fashion design – how materials and shapes flatter the female form – into a methodical industrial design approach. Using this approach, she sculpted headphones that frame and enhance the features of the feminine face. This has never been done in the headphone industry.

Pleat is an over-ear headphone encased in Napa leather and designed to accentuate the lines of the face. It folds and rotates allowing for maximum wearability and safe storage. Pleat’s closed design incorporates noise isolation and its sound provides low-distortion, allowing you to focus on your music. The bass is deep and articulate, and the mids and highs are natural sounding and clear. These headphones are suitable for a multitude of musical genres.

Today Molami can be seen on individuals who share Maria’s vision of wearable sound. Where headphones are designed from a fashion standpoint, worn as a selected accessory and tailored for the contemporary individual.

Maria’s meticulous attention to detail can be seen in each pair of Molami headphones.

More information at www.molami.com
Available in the US at
Fivestory NY Boutique
18 East 69th Street,
New York, NY 10065 – 212.288.1338

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