Modernist At Six Hotel [Stockholm]

Upon entering the At Six hotel in Stockholm, you need to pass under a minimal ’X’ marking an entrance to the building. You will come across this enigmatic sign plenty of times throughout your stay – it has become sort of symbol of a modern, unassuming luxury the hotel stands for.


Hypnotic Furniture Profiles

Scandinavian designers Zsuzsanna Horvath & Ariane Relander have gathered their projects for Greenhouse, a creative area at Stockholm Furniture Fair where up-and-coming designers and design schools exhibit their prototypes.


A New ‘Perspective’ of Design Store

Robin Klang and Ejub Bicic have founded a singular concept store in Stockholm, opened since last September. Inside the very zen store, Antique wooden furnitures cohabit with Asian concrete vases and fiberglass fold seats, all emphasizing high-end craftsmanship.