Wladimir Gasper: Last Journey


Anticipate a musical hangover as Wladimir Gasper bestows upon listeners an overdose of electronics and classical staples between Philip Glass and Paul Van Dyk. It’s multi-instrumental collage art.  It’s toxic adrenaline. It’s science and sound off the cuff of Brazilian electro-funk from a self taught talent with a mechanical arm for DIY.

“I create different universes and pseudonyms. I guess there are ways of being in each ‘universe.'” And as such, Wladimir Gasper is one of those artists that transits in this universe or, at least, samples different types of rhythmic sound from the electronic universe.


“I come from a really diverse school of different influences of rhythms, like the funk music, here, from Rio de Janeiro. I always use new stuff, for the sake of dancing.”


Not without sweat and appetite does Pedro Bernardes, aka Wladimir Gasper, draft and revise, chance and revive the synchronization between a DJ and beat scriptwriter in a labyrinth of emotional highs. Notes hit deep where spin meets scratch meets snare to undercut this melodist’s drive to the gut as the Ukrainian-born, Brasilian-grown maestro propels his work into a sphere of provocative layers – piano, guitar, and the silver and gold of an electronic switchboard – at the epicenter of a sonic boom. As a preliminary debut, Gasper released his musical ammo from the streets of Los Angeles to the high desert of Salt Lake in his one man journey through audio adventure. The compilation of audio-visual art narrating his style, labour and addiction to the madness of sound culture, all come forth with this 7-minute introduction to modern art via mix masterpiece (filmed by Barry G. Walker//agent, Pedro Araripe).


“I have a group of experiences taken from a connection with the music frequency. I don’t have a particular moment, but many like the time when I was recording with Joao Donato until 6am, when everyone had left and we were trying to tune our instruments, making the noises like grasshoppers do when it’s summer in Rio…I guess this is one of those special moments, like many others that I can’t remember right now. Exchanging ideas with people that with whom I have already worked is the ‘best experience.'”


Working on what he calls his “prehistory,” his early career includes collaboration with artists such as Beck, John Legend, Marcelo D2, Bebel Gilberto, Marisa Monte, Mario Caldato, and Seu Jorge, which has amounted to early buzz and an eagerness for growth. When asked about his street performance, Gasper recalls, “The thing about playing in the streets is that I like to go out of my comfort zone and play for people who are not expecting, who still don’t understand my music. It is a different view. I felt an amazing exchange of vibes between the public and I.”


Catch the mixer du jour on the fly at resident venues near Praia de Botafogo before he takes on New York this summer for the Brazil Summer Fest. Stay tuned with via Facebook for his soon-to-be-released debut tour.