travel through the lens of music

Travel Through the Lens of Music

Amid the global pandemic, specific auditory technologies are making comebacks, transporting you into new dimensions of being. These technologies act as mental hacks, bringing you to different worlds, whether it’s straight into the studio live with the artist or all around the globe within a few clicks.

travel through the lens of music

travel through the lens of music

Radio Garden

Getting anxiety about being stuck in one place with no travel plans in the near future? Radio Garden allows you to wander from Ghana to Melbourne in just seconds.

The platform is designed as a 3D rendered globe designed like Google Earth, where you can explore more than 8,000 world-wide live radio stations by simply rotating the globe. From the Faroe Islands to Papua New Guinea, you can listen to the live beats and sounds, news updates and even talk shows of a foreign city.

travel through the lens of music

The pandemic might be keeping you stranded, but Radio Garden gives a little taste of a world far far away in a time when travel is no longer an option. From jetting off into an exotic mental trip to a distant culture or simply re-connecting with people from home, Radio Garden gifts you the feeling of being in touch with the outside world.

travel through the lens of music

8D Audio

Fed up of listening to the same songs again and again? Or even worse, has your Discover Weekly on Spotify started to become repetitive you can’t even find new songs to listen to? 8D music will give you the different experience you’ve been seeking.
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With this technology, the sound moves around you in a three-dimensional space, so you feel like you’re listening to the song with your brain instead of with your ears.

It is an interactive listening experience that transports you into a vivid soundscape, as if you were in the middle of an intimate live music venue. You find yourself immersed in a spatial feeling, appreciating sounds coming from different directions.

Make sure to listen to it with headphones only!


Illustrations by John Gall.
Written by Jade Alexandre.