Club Quarantäne, The First Virtual Club to Exist

Club Quarantäne, The First Virtual Club to Exist

On the one hand, you could consider the emergence of virtual raving as more convenient than actually going out to a party. No Uber fare, no anxiety as to whether the bouncer will let you or not, no overly-priced drinks, no bathroom line…

But others long for the exclusivity, pride and joy that comes with ‘getting in’ somewhere. Knowing there were one of the chosen ones among the many impatient, frozen and relentless souls waiting in line, hoping that getting trying to catch the bouncer’s attention for the fifth time will be the key to enter the premises, and an opportunity to climb the social ladders of the nightlife scene.

And to this I present to you Club Quarantäne, the first virtual club to exist. And not just any kind- hosted by Resident Advisor, you must tackle several obstacles before in order to get into this exclusive club.

Firstly, you must be patient enough to endure a Berghain-style line outside. Once this is done, you must face the cynical virtual bouncer called Geezer. If you’re lucky enough to overcome the first two challenges, don’t consider yourself exclusive yet. You are then hit with an entry quiz to determine if you’re really, and I emphasize on the word really, worth letting in. Once inside, it’s more sophisticated than your average zoom rave. The website functions as a venue, in which you can wander through an explorable digital interior. There’s a “Cloakroom” which allows you to purchase merch, a “ Bar” which invites you to donate to covid-19 causes and a “Bathroom” which acts as a multi-cubicle chat room.

Club Quarantäne gives you the perfect opportunity to dance, explore and connect in an exclusive setting to the beats of live sets from Friday night all the way Sunday afternoon. The next step is to create virtual after-clubs. We are waiting…

Written by Jade Alexander