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Unique 3D Retail Spaces Visualized by Andres Reisinger

“Plasti Rain” and “Terrace North” are unique 3D projects by a Barcelona-based artist, Andres Reisinger. Illusory images present non-standard retail sapces where visitors would be left with time for contemplation.

An entire narrative was built so as to give a better sense of Resinger’s concept:
“When you enter this room, you will have to leave your shoes in a box. You will feel the long hair carpet touching your feet and you will see opaque glass spheres colliding with each other softly by the wind generating an endless glittering sound. To cross the room you will have to go down the stairs and discover that it is not water and that you can walk over to get to the next room.”
A soft palette of pink, white and silver creates a pure yet utopian landscape where one is invited to focus on objects – one at a time. The series was also conceived as a series of giclée prints.