Artmour New Vision on Collages

Not much to say (or find) about digital artist Elodie Milan aka ‘Artmour’ except her intriguing mixed-media collages where she’s using different fashion spreads reinterpreted by layering unrelated images to create new garments patterns.


Mixed Media Tarot Cards by 25th Century

The art of reading Tarot cards is an ancient method of interpreting the self and the future. They illuminate hidden gateways in a persons life and are a powerful tool that have the ability to connect the deepest reaches of human psyche. For this project,


Synthetic Art By ZEITGUISED

Synthetic art by ZEITGUISED – a collective of artists, designers and technologists – is a mixed-media project that moulds natural occurences into artificial forms controlled by human hands. ‘Neural Groove’ aims to juxtapose the organic and the mechanic. The installations are modelled according to cohesive thought processes, yet the outcome is always unknown due to inclusion…


Fashion Mixed-Media Collages by Eugenia Alejos

From fashion spreads by Hedi Slimane, Dan Giuliani or advertising campaigns, illustrator and art director Eugenia Alejos makes mixed-media destructured fashion collages where she layers, cut and paste superpositions and recreate the final image by exploring the identities of each brands and models.