TrendHome: Thierry Mugler NY Penthouse [For Sale]

A couple of weeks ago Thierry Mugler put his New York apartment on the market with Sothebys at a modest price tag of $7,995,000. Located in Chelsea, this duplex penthouse of 4,100 square feet, has 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and an amazing roof terrace with an open city views to the south and west.

The 500-plus square foot corner living/dining room, minimally done up in grey, black, red and white, has espresso stained hardwood floors underfoot that anchor the ethereal space. Two long walls of over-sized windows do not appear to have any window treatments whatsoever and wide expanses of crisp white walls work well for artwork display and/or movie projection. Vintage red glass decanters and a floating staircase, fashioned Donald Judd-like with a rhythmic (if precarious looking) procession of cantilevered treads, breaks up the otherwise linear room with a few feminine forms and one electrifying diagonal. That’s right, puppies, love it or hate it, we’re talking contemporary architecture that mimics modern art.

The pearwood and limestone galley kitchen isn’t very big by suburban mcmansion standards, but it’s absolutely well equipped with fully integrated Euro-style appliances, is plenty sizable enough to cook a proper meal and un-pack the moo goo gai pan, and bends unapologetically towards the architecturally (melo)dramatic with a soaring ceiling topped by a gigantic shed-roof sky light. The sky light pokes up through the planted roof terrace which may have allowed Monsieur Mugler to peer down from the roof terrace and make sure his willow wisp thin house boy (or whomever) salted his lunchtime greens (or whatever) in just the right manner.

Property taxes and common charge: $7,555 per month—$90,660 annual

Sothebys & info via Realestalker