TrendHome: Casa Folha by Mareines +Patalano [Rio]

What a dream house! The TrendHome review today is located in southern Rio de Janeiro. The Leaf House or Casa Folha was inspired by Brazil’s Indian architecture, perfectly suited for the hot and humid climate where it stands. Built by Mareines + Patalano Arquitetura, they see this as low-tech eco-efficiency project playing with the wind as a cooling system and the idea of a tropical beach house as a means of enhancing the interaction between man and nature, trying not to separate them completely.

The roof acts as a big leaf that protects from the hot sun all the enclosed spaces of the house as the in-between open spaces, truly the most important ones . These in-between open spaces represent the essence of the design.

They are the social areas, where the the owner of the house and his guests spend most of their time. The very generous heights of these spaces, which varies from 3 to 9 meters, allow the SE trade winds from the sea to pass perfectly longitudinally trough the building, providing natural ventilation and passive cooling both to the enclosed and open spaces.

There are no corridors, inside and outside are almost fused into one. Rain water is harvested from the roof for re-use. With its natural finishes, organic aesthetics and richness of details, the house is in harmony with the exuberant Brazilian nature.

The curvy swimming pool snakes into the house.

The use of all these natural materials, the transparency of the glass, the neutrality of the oxidized copper relating to the prevailing green of the designed and natural landscape along with the organic composition of the house and rich diversity of textures.


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