Freelance Whales: Hannah

Listen to “Hannah” here

      1. 02 Hannah


New York-based band, Freelance Whales make old-fashioned music listeners happy, who actually pay attention to clever, quickly delivered, and often unabashedly hormonal lyrics.

Hannah takes the stairs
And I usually take the elevator
Every now and then she offers me
A lemon Now and Later
Please don’t play the match maker
Please don’t be a player hater
If you dig her recent work
You should go congratulate her

Atmospheric-like sounds typical of Lemon Jelly, Sufjan Stevens, and Architecture in Helsinki can be heard in their darling track, “Hannah.”  Sweet-toned electronic tunes like this are what started the Death Cab for Cutie craze a few years back, catering to those sentimental hearts out there. It’s no surprise they’ve been chosen to join Frenchkiss Records, a label accredited for uncovering indie gems like The Antlers, Dodos, Local Natives, and Passion Pit. Looks like these poetic kids are in good company. Happy listening.