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The 9 Best Branded Juice Companies



e’re all familiar with those health food trends that pop up every so often and create a cult following (kale, chia seeds, coconut water are just a few). These trends encourage people to stay healthy, but also come with a sort of lifestyle that encompasses everything from exercise to fashion to decor.

And so it’s always interesting to predict what the next “it” ingredient will be. Raw cacao? Hemp seeds?

It seems as if lately the juice trend has become less of a niche market and more of a world of its own. Pressed juices are an easy way for people to participate in the raw food movement, and with the crop of brands coming up in major cities, the juice trend is flourishing more than ever. Celebrities are often photographed sipping on trendy colorful juices and are even directly endorsing certain brands ( Juice has become associated with a lifestyle that is active, simple, and natural.

best juice branding


Of course, at Trendland, we are interested in how the juice sect brands itself. Juice branding today is incredibly chic and sophisticated and displays some of the best design talent, far surpassing Jamba Juice and the likes. Some of the most innovative stores and packaging we’ve seen recently are in the beverage realm, and brands are capitalizing on a market that is willing to spend more for quality and lifestyle. We took a lot at some of the most successful juice labels from all over the world and their branding, design, and identities. We saw that overall, juice brands tend to go with a minimal design approach, giving the focus to the ingredients and nutrients that consumers can expect to get. Australian brand Found Beverage Co. said that they “put [their] ingredients on the front of the bottle” rather than hiding it in a tiny ingredient list to go with the company’s three pillars: “Transparency, Purity, and Sustainability.”

best juice branding


Bottle design is an incredibly important aspect of juice branding, and bottles tend to be sleek and modern. Juice labels have a tendency to use numbers to identify their different juice offerings, to simplify the many options most juice places offer. Because the juice trend is also linked to the organic, eco-friendly, and raw food trends, emphasis tends to be on freshness and naturalness. Brand imagery and photography features a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, in a still-life format. Some of our favorite juice brands include Found from Australia, Truce from Minneapolis, Blue Print from New York, and Jugen from Mexico. Have a look through the images for examples of their packaging and branding.

best juice branding

best juice branding

best juice branding

best juice branding

best juice branding

best juice branding


Written by Deeksha Mehta