Liquid Simulation


This series of portfolio images originates from a project Recom Farmhouse did together with artist Tom Price, who asked them to do some liquid simulations for him. We ended up with some really beautiful shapes of liquid matter, which I thought to show in a different context than it was originally thought for.


The team around creative director Christoph Bolten and lead CG artist Kristian Turner decided to put together a series of pure, simple arrangements of raw materials into perspex light-boxes. Purefection!


Currently the series includes images of a small cluster of clouds, drips of black goo, Tom’s splashes of paint, modeling mushrooms and a formation of crystals. Each achieved through its own unique techniques specific to the material: fluid technology for the cloud, polygon modeling for the black goo and 3 different liquid simulations for the paint.


The purpose of this series was to show organic objects in a sterile environment. The contrast between the two – the natural and the unnatural – also play with the idea of blurring the boundaries between what is photographic and what has been computer generated.





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