Colorful FLOAT Soap Is Inspired By Art

FLOAT is a unique soap brand conceived by Wang Min that takes bath time seriously. The soaps are wrapped into a folding box made of single paper sheet, which helps to reduce the waste.


Everybody Deserves a ‘Petit Plaisir’

Presented in a cheerful and beautifully branded box, the chocolates ‘Petit Plaisir’ (‘a little treat’) are handmade candies covered with dark chocolate and prepared by Seventh Guest, a Russian pastry shop and confectioner.


Beautiful Watercolors Branding for The Good Hippie

The Good Hippie is a small, artisanal beauty and skincare brand from Austin, Texas with an exquisite visual identity. Conceived by Lauren Cooke Design, the packaging features watercolor artworks from Satsuki Shibuya, who was commissioned to create a series of exclusive paintings to embellish the exterior of the products.